For me, this word is rich with meaning. It goes beyond the obvious. It dips into self awareness, objective viewership, emotional awareness and boundary setting. It’s a heavy word in many ways as it calls for the mindful to do deep work. To be truly mindful we need to be clear minded, unbiased, awakeContinue reading “Mindfulness”

Back in action

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. Two years I think. A lot has happened in two years! My last post was a few weeks before I left Thailand. I was full of motivation, full of determination and riddled with focus. I was going to get home and fully step into myContinue reading “Back in action”

Self Love

There was a time when I forgot who I was. I had abandoned what I once held close and valued as my core self. I didn’t necessarily “forget” who I was, but I was being dragged away from it and didn’t have the energy to fight back any longer. Looking back on this time, IContinue reading “Self Love”

Home is Where the Heart Is

I am addicted to Joseph Campbell these days. I’m reading “A Joseph Campbell Companion” selected and edited by Diane K. Osborn, and it continually blows my mind. Yesterday was a hard day here in Chiang Mai. I woke up and wanted to be home, I was craving nature, quite, and the smell of my love’s skin. I was home sick. IContinue reading “Home is Where the Heart Is”