2021 Space Holders

Sanctity of the Feminine Body,

Divinity of the Sensuous Form

Get Ready to be Held by a Team of Wild Priestesses!

This year’s space holders are holding THIS powerful theme for the Fest,

Sanctity of the Feminine Body, Divinity of the Sensuous Form

The ongoing workshops offer different perspectives and tools to come home to your body, your divinity, your sacred sexuality, and your authentic expression of the Wild Feminine.

It’s my pleasure to introduce the space holders for this year’s SHE IS WILD FEST!

Colleen Reid

Colleen is the founder and creatrix of SHE IS WILD FEST, a 3 day transformational event for womxn to explore their wild feminine nature while nestled in the woods. She is a lifelong student of the shamanic arts, taking her first training with the Shamanic Yoga Institute in Squamish. She has since explored core shamanism with the FSS and nordic shamanism, with the intention to honour and connect with her ancestors and blood lineage.

Her work’s intention is to wake the wild within and break open the cages that keep so many confined. She stands for liberation and freedom from societal pressures, guiding those who come to her workshops and events back home to themselves. Her medicine is to help you remember who you are and to know that it is enough.

Colleen is most at home in the wildest of places, with only nature surrounding her. Her most empowered moment was running her first ultra marathon, which took her on a 125km trail run through the northern Alberta mountains.

She is a song catcher; singing medicine songs to any who will listen, a wildcrafter; making jewelry with bones and stones, and an earth witch; engaging and working with plant medicines from her garden.

She is a mother to two wild hearts and a wild rescue dog. She is a partner to a loving and supportive heart-centered man.

You can connect with her over Facebook and Instagram at @live.wildwellness. Here you will find upcoming events and her private Facebook group, Awaken Your Wild Wellness.

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Shae is a Kinesiologist, Ceremonialist and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, with over 500 additional hours of continuing education. 

She uses techniques from earth medicine practices, somatic healing and rewilding principles for an awakening into the divine. 

Shae specializes her teachings in the transformative Yoga of Kundalini: An awakening practice that strengthen the body, regulates emotions, controls the mind and enlivens you. 

“In my teachings I guide you on an explorative journey through the layers and identities that you’ve cultivated. We travel into the subconscious realms through movement and breath, healing the perpetuating habits and behaviors that leave you stagnant and unfulfilled in your life. This process unravels the untruths that have pulled you away from your natural blueprint of lightness on your path to liberation.

You gain tangible tools to navigate and use the personal medicine deep within you to awaken yourself to your highest potential.” -Shae

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Anita Weimann

Spending most of her days within the majestic mountains and river beds, Anita practices solitude within the grasp of Earth’s people that softly whisper sweet nothings into her ears. A lover of life, health and happiness, Anita spends many days a week practicing ancient movements of the physical; creating body, mind and soul connection through the art of Yoga. She completed her 200 hour Yoga teacher training at Yyoga in Vancouver in 2012 and has been teaching yoga passionately ever since. In 2014, she completed her first Medicine Wheel with the Shamanic Yoga Institute; where she created her shaman’s altar (mesa) from the ancient practices of the Q’ero people in Peru. Anita has been an assistant in Shamanic Yoga teacher trainings and Medicine Wheel every year since then. She has competed her White Stone Mastery in 2015 and Black Stone Mastery of Shamanism in 2017. Keeping her heart within the mystery schools, she offers her teachings and practice through the art of yoga, mountain shamanism and energy healing from the Raising Spirits for Humanity School of Light along with her Reiki Level 11.

Her ancestral bloodline of the Cree Dene Nations in Northern Alberta offers her the sweet nectar of life and prophecies that are offered by her Elders and family. Since 2015 she has become the organizer for the International Indigenous Leadership Gathering which brings in speakers and teachings from the Indigenous people from all corners of the Earth; where they speak of 20,000 year old prophecies. This gathering offers ceremony for all people to witness and partake every June. She also shares and holds space for other ceremonies such as the Lakota Sundance and sweat lodges through out BC.

Anita attains a diploma in Ch’nook Business and the Destination Resort Management program; whilst almost completing her business degree at Capilano University she left to work on health and well being by going through an intensive teacher training in Yoga. Since then she has managed a Yoga studio, restaurants and freelanced as a business consultant and marketing designer. Her passions include, art, sewing, beading, multi media and constructing native tools for ceremony.

As a lover of life, she believes that through many life times we attain goodness in all things. “Why not practice many things to find true passion for all things in life”. You can find her teaching yoga, in workshops, hiking the mountains, swimming in glacier waters and singing her heart out anywhere on the West Coast of Canada.

All my relations

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Jada Fire

Jada Fire was born and raised in New York. After two decades of world travel she followed an intuitive calling to awaken her inner healer through a multicultural blend of native ways. She has been leading a diverse union of embodied movement and yoga practices for over 20 years. An artist, herbalist and sacred dancer, Jada is a fire artist ~ as she finds the healing element fire a spirit ally to co-infuse all the work she creates. Her greatest strengths are in performing arts, creative direction, teaching, healing and inspiring community connectivity.

Jada has travelled the globe studying indigenous people, culture and expressive art forms, shamanic healing modalities and also the art of circus. She has performed in Las Vegas with various productions including specialty events with Cirque du Soleil.

Jada is a certified expressive art educator with a degree through New York State + Queensland Australia. She is well versed and passionate in art and yoga / dance medicine therapies, anthroposophical study, sustainable wild crafting, plant spirit healing and the wild woman archetype. Jada is the author of “Relinquish the Armor, 14 Ways to Illuminate Your Inner Fire” and the illustration artist and co-creator of the Ancient Animal Wisdom, Oracle Deck. Jada is also the creative director and founder of Wolf Kin, a locally cultivated performance art troupe in the North Okanagan.

Jada lives off grid in Mabel Lake Valley, BC with her vibrant family whom all share a strong desire to foster creative and healthy community connections from the heart of the forest. Barefoot Sanctuary is her home lair where all the embodiment medicine she has to offer thrives. Jada Fire~ Heal + Inspire.

www.barefootsanctuary.com www.wolfkin.ca

Shoneena Lee Loss

I, Shoneena Lee Loss of Cree decent and owner of Body Mind Soul Holistics , am a First Nations Healer. A “Modern” Certified Holistic Practitioner and Indigenous Doula I am so Blessed to call my home, home “off the Grid” in the Prestine Nahatlatch Valley where living with Nature and the Medicines of the land is a way of life.

My two boys Cedar and River and myself, live a sustainable lifestyle.

I humbly gather medicines “in a good way” and utilize what Creator offers in all my Medicines and Products. Most Products that are Hand made by me will take up to 6 months to a Year to Produce. All ingredients are %100 Natural and Free from any harmful Chemicals and Preservatives. I have the honour of offering Workshops and Retreats as well as Offering my services through my private Practice at my Clinic in Boston Bar BC


Devie Rose

My name is Devie Rose and I believe wellness is our birthright. As a Teacher, Certified Breathwork Practitioner, and Ayurvedic Health Coach, I am committed to supporting people of all ages find freedom and nourishment within their own bodies. Using a combination of holistic healing practices rooted in modern science, psychology, and spirituality I believe I am here to hold space for others to have an experience of their Divine Vitality.

Currently I am working as a part-time Elementary School Teacher in School District 67. I enjoy working with children of all ages and creating and facilitating wellness workshops for my community. Devie holds a Bachelors of Education and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology with Distinction from Simon Fraser University. Devie is a certified Breathwork Practitioner through the work of David Elliot and is humbled everyday as she shares this self healing practice with the world and reconnects others with their innate medicine.


Vicky Bowes

I am an artist who grew up in the English and Welsh countryside and migrated to Canada 15 years ago. I feel as though I am forever on a journey to fully release my true creative spirit. I am constantly inspired by the nature around me and am so lucky to live surrounded by such wonder. I love to express this love of mother nature through my art and hope that I will inspire others to share this love and tread more lightly upon this earth.



Rochelle McFarlane

Rochelle McFarlane is the founder of ESP Parent Inc and The Wellness Learning Centre, a space where families learn about engaged sacred play. She’s an energetic medicine woman, certified International Kinesiology College Instructor, bio-energetic practitioner, a published author and a sought-after wellness speaker.

For the last 25 years, she has formulated a system that helps activate your innate healing ability so that you can live holistically happy. She’s a passionate playful mother of four homeschooled children and a wife of eighteen years who loves to make drums & sacred medicine tools.

You will often find her collecting sticks, vines, roots and flowers for nature art, drum mallets, and dream catchers or drumming at the water’s edge honouring the moon & Mother Gaia.


Marrissa Young

Marissa Young was born + raised in the prairies with skies of blue and fields of gold.

She has lived many lifetimes and has landed in this body to help serve her community + the beautiful people she meets along the way.

She have worked in the wellness industry for many moons. Studying, learning and educating herself with different medicines to heal the body, mind + spirit. Her current offerings are tarot, reiki, environmental space cleansings + sacred gatherings.

All of her work is based on both education + her own personal practice over the past 11+ years. She incorporates working with spirit, or mediumship, into all of her offerings. This is her greatest gift.


Stephanie Lafazanos

Wildly Woman Certified Medical Intuitive, Holistic Practitioner, Tantra and Intimacy

Stephanie Lafazanos helps women who struggle in relationships, gain, trust, self worth,
better boundaries and authentic expression so they can create passionate intimacy and
supportive, loving connections.

Skilled as a Medical Intuitive, energy worker, a Sacred Feminine Tao Tantra and Qigong instructor, trauma therapist, intimacy coach and somatic practitioner, Stephanie helps others reach for sexual and Spiritual wholeness through a variety of body
centered approaches.

Move past trauma and transform mental, emotional and physical blockages to create a deeper connection to yourself and achieve relationship success. Learn new
communication and Tantra skills, and get deep psycho-sexual healing that make you
feel more happy, sexy, free.


Nicole Weimer

Nicole Aileen Weimer has been a holistic arts and fitness facilitator for the last 10 years. Going deep within the realms of ancient medicines, teachings, and philosophies, her quest to stay uplifted, motivated and committed to the path of learning are great assests.

Practicing movement classes such as Zumba and Bellyfit have been an integral part of her healing when Nicole broke her back in 2007. She has rigoursly worked on the recovery path and continues to grow each time she comes to her mat, and takes time to listen.

The Movewithnikki business has had over 5 years of success facilitating to women, teens, kids and elderlies in the kootenays of BC. Not only teaching dance fitness, Movewithnikki offers a holistic art practice to explore play, stories, and the unique healing that happens when we paticipate in groups together.

“Small changes make big results”. By using the medium of puppetry to tell and express stories and teachings Nikki truly has a unique way of offering that many will find practical and fun!

Nikki is excited to be offering the mind, body, Yoni practice of her coined class “YOVA” where she combines Kundalini Yoga, breathwork and Yoni sexual practices into a sensual, playful, beautiful and educational dance with the Wild Goddess within. Be prepared to let go of your stories and create a new one.


Jaci MacKendrick

My name is Jaci, and I began practicing yoga in 2002. My personal practice focuses on meditation and directing energetic flows through the breath. My learning comes from Buddhists, Yogis, and our Mother Earth. When teaching others, my style is playful, and my yoga practices allow for the freedom and space to play with sensations, feelings and ideas in the body.

My background is Celtic and Gaelic, and I honor this by connecting my teachings to the natural world. I use the Triskele as my symbol because it reminds us of the connection between: Inner Self – Outer Self – Spirit; past – present – future; creation – preservation – destruction; life – death – rebirth.

My goal as a teacher is to be a guiding light so others may better see their path.


Rebecca Hammond

Rebecca Hammond is a Holistic Reproductive Practitioner for New Earth, here to support mothers and families birth the next generations. She loves studying generational patterning/conditioning; the relationship between grandmother, mother and daughter as she is found that we are so deeply connected through the womb. Rebecca is a passionate mentor teaching women how to nourisHER mind, body, soul, womb & to Live in Flow with her Cycle. Her work is specific, those that work with her come to “BIRTH” do “work” before their birth in preparation for the energy clearing that needs to take place. She supports women, preconception so that they can heal their lineage; to break the cycle of generational trauma and conditioning for future generations and the planet. 

She has been on this wild journey of holistic healing for over a decade and commits her life to this work. She once struggled with hormone imbalances, irregular painful periods, lack of self-worth, self-love, and unhealthy relationships with food and her body. 

Rebecca has become a leader is the field of Women’s Holistic Reproductive Health, and is embarking on the journey of becoming a Doula. She is an advocate for conscious conception and is here to birth New Earth. She believes in approaching health holistically, looking at the mind, body, soul, & womb to determine the root cause. 

Her dream is to Empower YOU:

  • to remember and own that you are a light being
  • reclaim your health, trust your Inner Knowing
  • to heal & reconnect with your body mind soul and womb
  • to fall back into rhythm and flow with your sacred cycle

So that you come back into relationship with your true divine feminine nature and essence. 

She creates safe space, community and sisterhood through her women’s circles, workshops, 1:1 and group mentorship programs. Providing a space for women to be vulnerable. To be WOMBYN. To BE who you are at our core.

Her intention is to share the truth, her experiences, all things women’s holistic health, to support you on your journey and be a guide as she believes we are all our own greatest healer.

A nourished woman in love with herself heals the world.

Welcome Home, sister.

With nourishing love,


Connect with her on Instagram

@iamrebeccahammond @thenourishedwomanpodcast

Listen to her share weekly nourishment on her podcast: The nourished Woman Podcast 

Available on all listening platforms


Micaela is a passionate spirit woman with a lust for life, for freedom and authentic joy. She was introduced to the wellness world in 2014 through her yoga training, and since then has been exploring how we can become more connected to our humanness – starting with a foundation of loving, caring for, listening to and celebrating our bodies. She is especially committed to reclaiming and honoring the feminine through deep listening, sensuality and wildness. The practice of ecstatic dance has been transformational for Micaela; she has seen an increase in confidence and joy, and a sense of freedom in being able to express herself without fear of being judged. The impact this had on her life and relationships was so significant that she made it her mission to learn the art and share it with others.

Micaela’s DJ set will guide us on a journey through the 5 elements, and through the depths of our being as we alchemize emotions and trauma from the past. Letting go of old patterns, shame, fear and anything that is holding us back, burning them away and inviting in a new way of being in this world – opening up to the truth of who we are. Her music choices will delight your senses and make you want to move, shake, breathe, dance, sing and scream. Rawness is encouraged, unapologetic authenticity is celebrated and vulnerability is seen and held in great reverence. Micaela is honoured to walk this journey together. She cannot wait to get down with you all.

Connect with her!   https://www.instagram.com/enlivenedyogini/?hl=en https://www.facebook.com/micaelacarron

Farrah found piano and poetry as a means of expression growing up in the  hilly mountainsides and dusty ‘bushveld’ of South Africa, inspired by the acacia thorn-trees, warm rain, multiple languages and livelihoods and the abundance of the Southern African landscape. Later in life guitar strings and rhythm helped her put her poetry into motion and her song-bird archetype came alive in 2010.

11 years later  in 2021 she is recording music at home in Squamish, BC, singing in forests with her guitar and handpan and weaving song-poetry for others whilst building her eco-therapy informed practice with non-profits and social entrepreneurs in town and abroad.

Her song-poetry & channeling is offered as a means of reflection, integration and music-therapy informed magick for individuals and groups alike; anything is possible through the magic of sound.


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