Are you coming to this year’s Fest?

Below you’ll find some of the festival happenings that you’ll want to know about!

Tarot Reading with Marissa Young$44

Gift yourself a 15 min tarot card reading with Marissa Young of WildFlower Healing Arts. Receive guidance on those BIG questions you have and gain some clarity and insight on your re-wilding journey.

Book via E-transfer (wildwellness.live@gmail.com) or through Eventbrite

Soul Song Sessions with  Farrah$55

Listen to & take home your own Soul Song channelled by Farrah as she taps into your energy through voice & guitar.Songs can also be informed by a specific question or desire and/or requested for others.30 minutes of connection, song + recording and lyric write-up will be available after the festival.

Book via E-transfer (wildwellness.live@gmail.com) or through Eventbrite

Shamanic Healing Session w/ Ayssia30 min $30 / 60 min $60


In each session, we will dive into healing deep traumas including Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, Shadow work, Heart Work, and Womb Healing. Balancing the divine feminine and masculine within, you will create a happier and healthier connection with yourself which will allow you to open to more intimacy in your relationship with others. We will explore Soul Gift Retrieval to help you step into your divinity so that you can be who you are meant to be.  This session may also include reprogramming and diving into your Akashic Records, going through and offering healing to this lifetime or even many lifetimes depending on what you are ready for.

Stress Release Sessions w/ Rochelle30 min $30


Whole-being wellness integration alignments through energy medicine.Relax on a massage table for 30 mins to receive an energy balancing.You will leave this session feeling a new sense of empowered energy throughout your whole being and a deeper connection with your body.It will feel magical! 

Rochelle McFarlane is an Energetic Medicine Woman and Sacred Play Expert who helps others connect to their bodies so that they can activate their innate healing abilities and live with whole-being wellness.

Trade Blanket

Bring any clothing items, crystals, medicine tools, books, etc. that you would like to trade or gift. This exchange circle will happen during Saturday’s lunch break.

Please bring your own blanket to display your items on.

Five Elements Forest Dance Party

We will be led on an ecstatic 5 elements dance in the forest on Friday night.   DRESS TO IMPRESS!!!  Think black lights and glow in the dark. Anything white or light coloured will show up fantastic under the black lights. There will be zinc face paint available in the main tent before the dance for those sisters that want to decorate their skin.

Festival Merch, Food Truck and Medicine Marketplace

Bring your cash to purchase any items from the above vendors. As this is an off-grid event and there is no Wi-Fi available in the campground there are no debit machines or Square readers on site. Cash is necessary if you plan on purchasing anything.

I can’t wait to gather with you at this year’s SHE IS WILD FEST!

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